January 2018

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU RIGHT? | New opportunities we say! Bring it! There is so much happening in our industry all over the nation it is borderline ridiculous! 

The current unemployment rate is 4.1% - that. is. INCREDIBLE!  GO US! Companies are expanding their brand to new cities and states.  Without a doubt, there is a labor shortage - both in the field workforce and the office.  That expression, "good help is hard to find"? It couldn't ring truer than it does today.

SOCIAL ANALYTICS & PROCESS | In the last 90 days, our followers on LinkedIn have increased by 151 putting us right under 1000 followers on this pulsing global business network.  Although, our largest market is right here in Chi-town, our reach to both clients and candidates have recently been as far as Colorado and Nevada.  THI is keeping our focus on growing our 2nd market in Indiana followed by new business in Missouri.  Talent Hitch, Inc is growing and we are committed to growing with you.  As we get to learn your business and it's culture, we bring that into the conversation pre-screening our candidates.

During each conversation with a new candidate, in our heads, we are running through the clients we represent, their preferences and dislikes to see who/ where that individual would fit best with.  We begin to market your company with each dot that connects.  A call with a potential candidate can be anywhere from 5 minutes to a 1/2 hour depending on the candidate's experience and the client's requirements.  We lead with a series of standard questions about the candidate's work experience and skill set but also get into what they what to do for themselves in the future.  Not everyone wants to move up in their next opportunity.  In fact, many people look for better culture and and opportunity for work-life balance.  Our candidates are an expert in their field, executing their responsibilities virtually flawlessly and they want to pursuit other interests including personal interests, like starting a family, getting healthier, traveling more or even taking up a new recreational hobby. 

At the BuiltWorld's conference last month, the constant buzz was...companies WANT TO INVEST IN PEOPLE.  As a contingency based recruiting firm that is staffed 15 deep, specializes in the AEC industry and we still don't make a single dollar until that personal connection is made.  THI doesn't just email you a list of job seekers from our database; we put you in contact with people that we have personally developed a relationship with and screened for your position. The information you give us and the energy the company has about filling the position for the right individual is 100% transferred into our prescreen call.  We get them excited about the position, your company and working for you.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROGRAM | Oooo! Puppies! How can you say no?  Our December contribution included 10 of our very generous squad members, including our VP of Operations, Gurbeer Sanghera and our Founder & CEO, Kyle Jacobson that donated their personal time at PAWS Chicago in LincolnPark for the love of animals.  As always, our Creative Director & Brand Ambassador, Tara Breinig knows just the thing to warm our hearts back up for the holidays!  Giving back feels so good it hurts sometimes!

GOING STRONG | Talent Hitch, Inc. is hitting the ground running at the start of our 3rd year in business.  We have new job orders not only in the Chicagoland area, but Indianpolis, IN - Reno, NV - Denver, CO - Philadelphia, PA - St. Louis, MO to name a few.  We did a little diggin' for ya in case you're curious...

PROJECTS IN RENO, NV | Sky Mountain Apartments, Silver Ridge Apartments, Hampton In Hotel, The Villages of Arrow Creek, Lombardi Recreation Center Renovation and the William N. Pennington Engineering Building.

PROJECTS IN DENVER, CO | We have both "Mountain Work" and Denver work going!  Check it out...The Ramble Hotel <early 2018> RiDE at RiNo <TBD> Zeppelin Station <Late 2017> The Source Hotel <Late 2017> Catalyst Health Tech Innovation (HTI) <Spring 2018> Modera River North <TBD> Redevelopment of Giambrocco Food Service Site <TBD> Shake Shack <TBD> Odell Brewing Co <Fall 2017>

NETWORKING & EVEN MORE FRIENDS | Last month, our Director of Business Development, Rowena 'ro Dziubla and one of our Senior Account Managers, Daniel Rodgers paid some of our favorite clients in Indiana a visit.  They brought custom treats to show our deep appreciation for the relationships we have built in such a short amount of time.  

Tara making M&amp;M swag bags to join our custom made "knot logo" key chains and  Cooper's Coffee Co.  promo coffee satchels! YUM!

Tara making M&M swag bags to join our custom made "knot logo" key chains and Cooper's Coffee Co. promo coffee satchels! YUM!

Ro knows it's only coffee and chocolate to a woman's heart!&nbsp; Shout out to the Thompson Thrift ladies for making it a fun and memorable visit!

Ro knows it's only coffee and chocolate to a woman's heart!  Shout out to the Thompson Thrift ladies for making it a fun and memorable visit!

Then of course, Talent Hitch started the holidays off with an incredible company party by Klass Electric in Elk Grove, IL meeting some heavy hitters like Adam, Principal at BTR Engineering LLC, and Brian, Account Executive for Convergint Technologies. 

We then closed out 2017 at SMPS' Sky Full of Stars event at the Alder Planetarium in Chicago, IL.

&lt;Left to Right&gt;  Dave &nbsp;(Sr. Consultant &amp; BD at Shen Milsom &amp; Wilke, LLC | SMPS Membership Director)&nbsp; Ro ,  Jordin &nbsp;(Director of Marketing at  Matthei &amp; Collin Associates, LLC ) and  Wayne &nbsp;(Director of Business Development at Global Builders, Inc.)&nbsp; You want in on this kind of fun?&nbsp; Call Dave!

<Left to Right> Dave (Sr. Consultant & BD at Shen Milsom & Wilke, LLC | SMPS Membership Director) Ro, Jordin (Director of Marketing at Matthei & Collin Associates, LLC) and Wayne (Director of Business Development at Global Builders, Inc.)  You want in on this kind of fun?  Call Dave!

WHAT'S NEXT? | Talent Hitch will be at the BISNOW Chicago Creative Office event next week Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7am.  Only 1 ticket left before it's sold out folks!  Speakers from BOX Studios, Gensler and Kelso-Burnett Co. will be there along with Owner/ Developers from R2 Companies and Skender!

IS LOVE REALLY IN THE AIR? | That's right folks.  Our February newsletter will be centered around "partnership" as a nod to Valentine's day. Daw!  Don't roll your eyes!  You'll see.  Stay tuned!