I experienced the value of earning a dollar at an early age…

I experienced the value of earning a dollar at an early age…

At Talent Hitch we value our employees like family.  Every individual has a unique experience as to how they ended up here and what keeps them around.  Please allow us to introduce you to our most relaxed member, Jonathan!

My name is Jonathan Baldwin and I joined the Talent Hitch team a little over a year ago now.  I was born and raised 55 miles south of Chicago in a small village called Bourbonnais, summer home of the Chicago Bears!  Growing up I recall my dad would stress the importance of hard work, I experienced the reward of earning a dollar at an early age when I would mow lawns and shovel snow for cash.

In high school I was active in a program called Youth and Government, a mock government and YMCA sponsored leadership development program.  I graduated in 2011 before enrolling in Kankakee’s local junior college where I worked hard to earn an associate degree. The next step I decided was to go for the bachelor’s degree, which I received from Roosevelt University in Integrated Marketing Communications.

After graduating from college I struggled to find a job that I felt was going to sustain a lasting career.  Near the end of September, 2017 my brother told me that the company he worked for, Talent Hitch, was looking to bring a market analyst on board and I jumped at the opportunity.  

I talked with Kyle and Gurbeer about my future and the future of Talent Hitch,  at some point in the middle of that conversation I knew I wanted to work here. Kyle, Gurbeer, and the rest of the team I met that day created such a welcoming environment, it was truly contagious.

One year later and I continue to enjoy working for Talent Hitch.  I learn from my colleagues and every day is an opportunity to improve.  Most of the work I do is behind the scenes, taking a look at the real estate and development market in the city and keeping our team current with the status of new acquisitions/development/construction plans.  I also do extensive research into companies and potential clients, plus I work directly with our recruiters by sourcing candidates. I’m passionate about the impact my efforts have on Talent Hitch’s business relationships as a whole.

Most importantly, however, what I enjoy the most about Talent Hitch are the friendships I have developed with my colleagues.  We are committed to each other on a personal and professional level and we hope to continue providing great service to our clients and candidates.