Meeting The Talent Hitch Team: Dan Rodgers

Dan Rodgers Pic.jpg

At Talent Hitch we value our employees like family.  Every individual has a unique experience as to how they ended up here and what keeps them around.  Please allow us to introduce you to our most excited member, Daniel!

Dan is from Northwest Indiana where he and his adorable 5 year old daughter reside.  He began his professional career in the logistics industry nearly 10 years ago and found a knack for developing others.   He has been recognized as a man who deeply cares for the needs of others -- which is what attracted him to Talent Hitch.  

Dan's story began on a cold January evening in 2017 when he was was driving for Uber in Chicago.  He loved having good conversations with each of his passengers, making every attempt to help each of them in some small way.   Kyle, Talent Hitch CEO, was waiting to be picked up on the corner of Elizabeth and Madison when Dan received the notification to pick Kyle up.   As soon as Kyle got in the Uber car, he and Dan began having a professional conversation about their goals.  Dan shared that his purpose in life comes from the statement by Zig Ziglar:  "If you help enough other people get what they want in life, eventually you will get what you want."  After hearing that statement, Kyle instantly said, "I think you'd be a good fit at my company!"  

The very next day Dan met with Kyle and the rest of the Talent Hitch team. After hearing the team’s passion for truly helping other people find success in their careers, Dan gave the "All in!"

Dan loves to read, listen and associate with people who are striving for greatness and firmly believes that if he can help enough other people with their own success then he himself will eventually find great success.  Some of his favorite books include: "The Go-Giver", "The Magic of Thinking Big", "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Speed of Trust"