Meeting the Talent Hitch Team: Bill Sitter

At Talent Hitch we value our employees like family.  Every individual has a unique experience as to how they ended up here and what keeps them around.  Please allow us to introduce you to our newest member, Bill!

I put my trust in my teammates at Talent Hitch, and so can you.

I put my trust in my teammates at Talent Hitch, and so can you.

My name is Bill Sitter and I am the newest addition to Talent Hitch’s growing family. Born in Wisconsin, I have lived in Chicago for the last 6 years and have degrees in both public administration and political science. My former company, also a recruiting firm, didn’t provide many opportunities for me to grow.  I was assigned to work on one project for one client the entire time I was there. Talent Hitch is a growing and active company. In the short amount of time I have been here, I am proud to say that I’ve been given plenty of opportunities to challenge myself and I already feel that my work is valued as an important contribution to the team’s success.

I am someone who is on the Autism spectrum. I do not wish to be defined by my past, challenges, or disability. Rather, I hope to be considered for the value that I provide to organizations and in people’s lives. I am proud to be a part of the Talent Hitch team as there are members who have also risen above some of life’s personally unique challenges. We are a family here, supportive of each other’s personal and professional growth.

As a reader, an obvious question that you may have is why I chose to build my career and future with Talent Hitch. First, as was mentioned, I am treated like family here. Second, working in the AEC marketplace constantly presents new challenges to overcome. Third, I have always been fascinated by how real estate development has the power to change a city or neighborhood and being a part of this change is very exciting to me. Talent Hitch operates autonomously.  I am able to learn from others and others are interested in learning from me and my experience as well. This system allows us to bring about change in the companies we represent which inevitably contributes to the changes I see in the beautiful city I call home, Chicago.

So far, I have used my sourcing skills to find stellar candidates to meet the needs of our clients, and I’ve been given the freedom to explore the business development side of things through research of potential clients. I’m appreciated by my fellow recruiters. I put my trust in my teammates at Talent Hitch, and so can you. If you are looking for top notch AEC professionals to fill a hole in your team, feel free to contact me at 872­203­5997 or by email at