Meeting the Talent Hitch Team: Jordan Beck

At Talent Hitch we value our employees like family.  Every individual has a unique experience as to how they ended up here and what keeps them around.  Please allow us to introduce you to one of our newer employees, Jordan!

Great people, great service, great fun. That is what you’ll find here at Talent Hitch, we’re excited to meet you!

Great people, great service, great fun. That is what you’ll find here at Talent Hitch, we’re excited to meet you!

“People don’t know what they want until you show them.”  -Steve Jobs

Five months ago, I was brokering freight in the logistics industry; A slave to two monitors, the telephone, and our customer’s demands – I struggled to be grateful for the means of paying my bills and yearned for a different way to do so.

Enter: Kyle Jacobson, Gurbeer Sanghera, the Talent Hitch team and a big sigh of relief.

I knew Kyle and Gurbeer through mutual friends, and learned about their professional lives after being invited to Talent Hitch to play some ping-pong one day.

 What attracted me immediately was the energy I felt in the tropically decorated, open ground-floor space inside of a sleek, stand-alone black glass building in the West Loop.  The office rings to the beat of an energetic start-up, where work is not a chore but rather a comfortable, encouraging, positive, productive, and fun space to spend the day.  Ping Pong, cloud-like sofa chairs, x-box, couches, Alexa, coffee/tea station, outdoor picnic area, interpretive paintings and artwork, whiteboards, even traveling car seats offer convenient places to work, think, rest, meditate, or engage in conversation.

After a month's worth of casual conversation about the possibility of jumping on board, I received an official offer.

 I was brought up to speed quickly with a dive-in-head-first experiential training program that Talent Hitch provides to all new employees.  I made quick friends with the entire staff and was encouraged to participate immediately without fear of making mistakes or asking for direction.  In my first three months, I was able to place three AEC professionals with companies that they hadn’t known existed.  I’ve helped three individuals progress their careers in the direction they wanted to go. 

 Talent Hitch has provided me the freedom to bring experienced industry professionals to our office and share their experience and wisdom with our team.  I organized a companywide volunteer initiative, which a different employee does once a month.  I’ve grown socially and personally with my coworkers.  I get to go to work every day and feel part of a family that shares one vision, to bring service to the AEC marketplace nationwide.  Whether we are shooting a commercial with our clients or I’m meeting with a candidate for lunch at the fresh market down the street, I get to use my personality in business, develop relationships at work, and evolve my understanding of how a successful organization operates.

 Talent Hitch is a family, its leaders truly care about the individuals who make the team.  When I think about Steve Jobs’ quote, it reminds me of a time when I didn’t know that work could be fun and productive.  I didn’t know that I could be a part of an organization that strives to profit through service.  And I didn’t know that I could lose track of time, staying in the office with colleagues late on a Friday night, simply because I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

 The quote also reminds me of the candidates I have worked with so far, individuals that did not know of the career opportunities they are now enjoying until Talent Hitch entered their lives.

 Great people, great service, great fun.  That is what you’ll find here at Talent Hitch, we’re excited to meet you!