“The saddest thing in life is  wasted talent , and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” - A Bronx Tale

“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” - A Bronx Tale

At Talent Hitch we value our employees like family.  Every individual has a unique experience as to how they ended up here and what keeps them around.  Please allow us to introduce you to our tallest member, Cody!

I’ve spent most of my professional life working in the trades as a painting subcontractor. Beginning my career in DeKalb while attending school at NIU, I took to it quickly. I’m an artistically inclined individual with a sharp eye for detail, and I grew in skill as the years went on, supplementing my income with a few sales positions here and there.

When I moved to Chicago three years ago, I met Kyle though some mutual friends.  He was working as a recruiter for Hard Hat Hub at the time. I remember when he bought his book of business from them and set out to start Talent Hitch,  how excited he was! In the beginning it was him and one other friend, I’ve since watched him grow it into a team of 12 industry professionals. Though I didn’t join the team then, I did partner with Kyle to start my own painting company, All Saints Painting, which I still run today.

I’d always been intrigued by Kyle’s line of work, mostly because he was so excited about it.  I would pop into the office frequently throughout the week - I loved the vibe and energy within the space, and I quickly became friends with with everyone whom he had recruited to come work for Talent Hitch.  Visiting the sleek black glass building at the corner of Elizabeth and Madison in the West Loop was a treat for me, I knew something special was taking place.

My friendship with Kyle continued to blossom to the point where I asked him to be the best man in my wedding.  He frequently observed that my people skills would be of great use as a recruiter. For my bachelor party Kyle, Gurbeer (CFO of Talent Hitch) and myself road tripped across state lines in Kyle’s sprinter van - that’s when the three of us started to talk seriously about the prospect of Talent Hitch bringing me on as a full time, full desk recruiter.  I received an official offer of employment shortly after I married the love of my life!

One of my favorite movie quotes is from A Bronx Tale, “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.”  At Talent Hitch I get to utilize my own gifts to recognize the talent in others, progress individual careers, and service our clients.  In the three months I have been here, I’ve already begun to do so. I recently onboarded a new client, a phenomenal company, to whom I am committed to serve as they grow their business.  I love what I do, and I love the people I get to do it with!

March 2018

FASHIONABLY LATE | I hope you didn't think we forgot about you!  Because we sure didn't!  We have a pretty important announcement to make though....wait for you ready?!  Director of Business Development, Rowena 'ro' Dziubla has decided to return to construction and make some some cool stuff happen. When asked what prompted this decision, her response was "There's just too much going on for me to not ride this wave out in our industry!  I cannot imagine what it would be like to never open a set of plans again for the rest of my would break my heart."  

Ro, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and sense of humor with us over the last 6 months.  You will not be forgotten and you will surely be missed!

NETWORKING | With Ro moving on to her new endeavors, our very own Abbey Taylor has found herself stepping up to the plate.  Abbey may be relatively new to the AEC industry but she has been knocking it out of the ballpark with all her hard work which really shortened that learning curve.  She's even a recent momma-to-be!  Congratulations Abbey! Oh...and Daddy Dan <3

Just this week, Abbey attended her first SMPS luncheon at Petterino's to listen to Matt Connor speak.  Matt has been in Marketing for the AEC industry for over 22 years and is a national speaker coach and mentor who recently became an Infinite Possibilities Trainer.  He spoke about the antidote for burnout in the AEC marketing industry.  The focus was the ideas, resources, tips, and actions that we can utilize to prevent or stop burnout.  Before and after Matt spoke, she was able to mingle and do a bit of networking.  

"I met several Marketing Directors as well as Architects in the industry, and look forward to seeing familiar faces at upcoming SMPS events!  This was my first SMPS event, and it was such a pleasure representing Talent Hitch.  I hope to do a lot more networking, and attend the monthly luncheons to hear from these different speakers.  In April, Jackie Loewe will discuss how it is possible to have everyone in your firm talking up the latest project success and relaying what it feels like to be a member of an organization where people care about their clients and each other.  Very exciting!

Yeah girl.  YOU GOT THIS. Next event you attend, you keep your eye out for this redhead!  I will forewarn you though, her smile is contagious and you can't say no to those smiling eyes of hers!

YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS | Everything about your business is important to us here at Talent Hitch when we are talking to prospective candidates.  We pay extra special attention to your needs but also the candidate's needs for culture, mentorship and room for advancement.  We are currently working with a variety of clients in various verticals.  Our candidate pool has grown from the standard PE, APM, PM roles to mechanical service technicians, concrete cutting dispatchers, building wire sales, schedulers, BIM coordination, you name it.  

We gotchoo!  Promise.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | responsibility is actually all up to us all, as individuals and companies.  Up to us to keep up to date with what impacts to our job market, our quality of life and our future.  On Wednesday, 3/21 we attended CBC's Luncheon at the Union League Club of Chicago to get our fill of "New Tax Laws & How They Affect the Construction Industry, Your Business and Your Paycheck."  Topics included company planning, executive compensation and estate planning.  2018 is going to be a tremendous year for all of us and it's important that appreciation is shared throughout all levels of our industry.  Never forget about the little people! People!

NEW DIVISIONS | Right now what's hot for clients and candidates is glazing.  Have you seen all the cranes?! GOOD LAWD!  Then we have drywall, electrical and mechanical.  So good that instead of a division, we're gonna have a whole department!  Stay tuned for upcoming developments!

URBAN DEVELOPMENT |  Whata deal!  Check these out...

SVN Chicago Commercial

John McDermott and Aidan Bowe represented the buyer in the $1.4M acquisition of a 23K SF industrial building at 1958 University Lane in Lisle.

John Hancko represented the seller in the $975K sale of a 10K SF retail building at 915 Green Bay Road in Winnetka.

Brown Commercial Group

A 66K SF building at 1340-1400 Higgins Road in Elk Grove Village was sold by Northern Glass, which signed a long-term lease for 30K SF within the building.

A 51K SF building at 1425-1455 Tonne Road in Elk Grove Village was sold by a private investor.

A 24K SF building at 300-388 Arrowhead Drive in Gilberts was sold by a private investor.

First Western Properties

Paul Tsakiris represented both parties in the sale of a 1,400 SF retail condominium at 1931 South State St. in the South Loop.


and MORE ...

and MORE ...

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER | Talent Hitch is excited to announce our partnership with the 100% Digital Total Personal Development Platform.   The Total Personal Development Platform is designed for busy people like us who are excited to take 10-12 minutes a day to develop as professionals - whether in sales, leadership, conflict resolution, goal setting or time management, the TPD Platform is here to make a difference!

Our Professional Development Specialist, Daniel Rodgers is spearheading the offering of this Platform to our clients and candidates. It's time to set yourself apart from all others in the industry!  

Along this line of thought, the 1st step of the 12 step process is admission right?  Well here it is - pudding AND proof right from some heavy hitters at Leopardo, McShane Construction and Pepper Construction to name a few.

Embrace technology in the construction industry says these guys ...

Faegre Baker Daniels principal Patrick Miller, Leopardo Cos. Vice President of Safety Ralph Barszcz, Skender Chief Technology Officer Kevin Bredeson, McShane Construction Executive Vice President Mat Dougherty and Pepper Construction Vice President, Integrated Construction Solutions Jake Pepper

Faegre Baker Daniels principal Patrick Miller, Leopardo Cos. Vice President of Safety Ralph Barszcz, Skender Chief Technology Officer Kevin Bredeson, McShane Construction Executive Vice President Mat Dougherty and Pepper Construction Vice President, Integrated Construction Solutions Jake Pepper

THIS JUST IN ... HOT OFF THE PRESS | Talent hitch is honored to announce our sponsorship of American Flat Track motorcycle racer, #17 Henry Wiles.  Henry has won the Peoria TT 13 years in a row on both twins and single cylinder motorcycles.  Henry has been top ten in the AFT Twins points standings for the past 8 years and Henry is a two time Singles class National Champion.  Henry is one of the best TT riders in history.  

He raced his Kawasaki “Willy built” Kawasaki 650 twin along with his new Indian FTR750 backed by Willy Built, Bandit Industries, Mad Dog Racing, Wilson Industries, Wilco Racing, Lakeside Motorsports, J&m Logging, J&J Racing, Talent Hitch, Web Camshafts, Bell Helmets, Tim Trowbridge & Son Homebuilders, Nick Nazzisi, , Security Screen Masters, JE Pistons, and New Era Caps.  

Henry was a very accomplished High School Wrestler, he is a Father, and he spends his winters working with a Hardwood Select Timber Management company while also Ice racing where he has also been a National Champion.   We know the hard work Henry personally puts into his racing program and we are excited for Talent Hitch to join Henry Wiles #17 for the 2018 American Flat Track Twins season.  

Yesterday was the season opener of the American Flat Track series in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Henry raced live yesterday and then tonight on  The race will be broadcasted by NBCsn next Sunday 3/25 at 2pm EST.  The full NBCsn schedule can be viewed at

February 2018

"Helen! Helen!&nbsp;6 more weeks....HELEN!" | Ground Hog

"Helen! Helen! 6 more weeks....HELEN!" | Ground Hog


WE HEART YOU! | Thank you to each and everyone of you!  This first month of our new year has been incredible!

We appreciate YOU and hope to continue serving your needs in our ever changing, ever growing AEC industry!

In the spirit of this short month, we will keep this newsletter short and sweet! Deal? Deal!


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | Meet Angus!  :::::whispering::::: He's the one on the left.  Angus loves being loved, loves you....and loves water! Angus was adopted from PAWS Chicago just last week!  He and his big (little) brother enjoy walks around the neighborhood, naps and lots of cuddles from our team.  Everyday is a good day with these lil guys in the office!

DIFFERENT IS GOOD | Here's how Talent Hitch, Inc. differs from the competition and some of 2017's placement statistics to wow wow wee your senses!

WE precisely progress careers.
WE introduce you to opportunities that you didn't know exist.
WE understand the AEC market and are a group of recruiters that have experience in the industry.
WE focus on timing not speed of placements.
WE connect top AEC talent with leading employers.

Project Engineer / APM= 18%
Project Managers = 30%
Superintendents =18%
Estimators =12%
OTHER = 22%

Male 88% / Female 12%

DON'T SETTLE FOR 2ND TIER  | Ahoy hoy!  Talent Hitch, Inc. is pleased to announce our NEW SUBCONTRACTOR DIVISION where we will be helping our 2nd tier clients get top talent in 1st class style.

The new roles include administrative personnel, estimators, project engineers, project managers and upper level management for divisions 2 (excavation/ demo) all the way through division 9 (finishes) as well as your MEP's.  

Please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Ro with your needs as she is heading off this department; resumes should be sent to

NETWORKING | We continue to expand our friend-base in the AEC industry with a spectacular kick off to the new year as a sponsor of SMPS - check out those lanyards. Just WOW right?

DREAMS DO COME TRUE | Through brilliant thoughts, talented collaboration and good ol hard work, urban development continues, our river fronts unfold, pumping new life into the surrounding neighborhoods...

UPCOMING EVENTS | Check! and...check check check!  See you there!

Construction Summit: CITY AND STATE Industry Networking
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
JLM Abundant Life Center - 2622 W. Jackson | Chicago, Illinois 60612

Confirmed Exhibitors:
Contractors Advisors Business Development
Far South Side Community Development Corporation
Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA)
Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce
LGBT Chamber of Commerce
The Monroe Foundation
US Minority Contractors Association, Inc.
Women's Business Development Center
Cook County Office of Compliance
CMS - Illinois Department of Central Management Services
Forest Preserves of Cook County
Cook County Department of Transportation
Office of Illinois Comptroller
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD)
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)
US Small Business Administration (SBA)
State of Illinois Office of Chief Procurement Officer
Illinois Tollway
University of Illinois
Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
Chicago Park District (CPD)
Chicago City Colleges (CCC)
Public Building Commission (PBC)
Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA)
Chicago Department of Fleet & Facility (2FM)
Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA)
Chicago Job Order Contract (JOC) Programs - Gordian Group
Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)
Chicago Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD)
Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC)
Chicago Department of Planning & Development (DPD)
Chicago Department of Streets & Sanitation
Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)
Chicago Department of Water Management
Chicago Women In Trades (CWIT)
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 (IUOE)
Pipe Fitters Local Union #597
Cook County Health & Hospital System

January 2018

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU RIGHT? | New opportunities we say! Bring it! There is so much happening in our industry all over the nation it is borderline ridiculous! 

The current unemployment rate is 4.1% - that. is. INCREDIBLE!  GO US! Companies are expanding their brand to new cities and states.  Without a doubt, there is a labor shortage - both in the field workforce and the office.  That expression, "good help is hard to find"? It couldn't ring truer than it does today.

SOCIAL ANALYTICS & PROCESS | In the last 90 days, our followers on LinkedIn have increased by 151 putting us right under 1000 followers on this pulsing global business network.  Although, our largest market is right here in Chi-town, our reach to both clients and candidates have recently been as far as Colorado and Nevada.  THI is keeping our focus on growing our 2nd market in Indiana followed by new business in Missouri.  Talent Hitch, Inc is growing and we are committed to growing with you.  As we get to learn your business and it's culture, we bring that into the conversation pre-screening our candidates.

During each conversation with a new candidate, in our heads, we are running through the clients we represent, their preferences and dislikes to see who/ where that individual would fit best with.  We begin to market your company with each dot that connects.  A call with a potential candidate can be anywhere from 5 minutes to a 1/2 hour depending on the candidate's experience and the client's requirements.  We lead with a series of standard questions about the candidate's work experience and skill set but also get into what they what to do for themselves in the future.  Not everyone wants to move up in their next opportunity.  In fact, many people look for better culture and and opportunity for work-life balance.  Our candidates are an expert in their field, executing their responsibilities virtually flawlessly and they want to pursuit other interests including personal interests, like starting a family, getting healthier, traveling more or even taking up a new recreational hobby. 

At the BuiltWorld's conference last month, the constant buzz was...companies WANT TO INVEST IN PEOPLE.  As a contingency based recruiting firm that is staffed 15 deep, specializes in the AEC industry and we still don't make a single dollar until that personal connection is made.  THI doesn't just email you a list of job seekers from our database; we put you in contact with people that we have personally developed a relationship with and screened for your position. The information you give us and the energy the company has about filling the position for the right individual is 100% transferred into our prescreen call.  We get them excited about the position, your company and working for you.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROGRAM | Oooo! Puppies! How can you say no?  Our December contribution included 10 of our very generous squad members, including our VP of Operations, Gurbeer Sanghera and our Founder & CEO, Kyle Jacobson that donated their personal time at PAWS Chicago in LincolnPark for the love of animals.  As always, our Creative Director & Brand Ambassador, Tara Breinig knows just the thing to warm our hearts back up for the holidays!  Giving back feels so good it hurts sometimes!

GOING STRONG | Talent Hitch, Inc. is hitting the ground running at the start of our 3rd year in business.  We have new job orders not only in the Chicagoland area, but Indianpolis, IN - Reno, NV - Denver, CO - Philadelphia, PA - St. Louis, MO to name a few.  We did a little diggin' for ya in case you're curious...

PROJECTS IN RENO, NV | Sky Mountain Apartments, Silver Ridge Apartments, Hampton In Hotel, The Villages of Arrow Creek, Lombardi Recreation Center Renovation and the William N. Pennington Engineering Building.

PROJECTS IN DENVER, CO | We have both "Mountain Work" and Denver work going!  Check it out...The Ramble Hotel <early 2018> RiDE at RiNo <TBD> Zeppelin Station <Late 2017> The Source Hotel <Late 2017> Catalyst Health Tech Innovation (HTI) <Spring 2018> Modera River North <TBD> Redevelopment of Giambrocco Food Service Site <TBD> Shake Shack <TBD> Odell Brewing Co <Fall 2017>

NETWORKING & EVEN MORE FRIENDS | Last month, our Director of Business Development, Rowena 'ro Dziubla and one of our Senior Account Managers, Daniel Rodgers paid some of our favorite clients in Indiana a visit.  They brought custom treats to show our deep appreciation for the relationships we have built in such a short amount of time.  

Tara making M&amp;M swag bags to join our custom made "knot logo" key chains and  Cooper's Coffee Co.  promo coffee satchels! YUM!

Tara making M&M swag bags to join our custom made "knot logo" key chains and Cooper's Coffee Co. promo coffee satchels! YUM!

Ro knows it's only coffee and chocolate to a woman's heart!&nbsp; Shout out to the Thompson Thrift ladies for making it a fun and memorable visit!

Ro knows it's only coffee and chocolate to a woman's heart!  Shout out to the Thompson Thrift ladies for making it a fun and memorable visit!

Then of course, Talent Hitch started the holidays off with an incredible company party by Klass Electric in Elk Grove, IL meeting some heavy hitters like Adam, Principal at BTR Engineering LLC, and Brian, Account Executive for Convergint Technologies. 

We then closed out 2017 at SMPS' Sky Full of Stars event at the Alder Planetarium in Chicago, IL.

&lt;Left to Right&gt;  Dave &nbsp;(Sr. Consultant &amp; BD at Shen Milsom &amp; Wilke, LLC | SMPS Membership Director)&nbsp; Ro ,  Jordin &nbsp;(Director of Marketing at  Matthei &amp; Collin Associates, LLC ) and  Wayne &nbsp;(Director of Business Development at Global Builders, Inc.)&nbsp; You want in on this kind of fun?&nbsp; Call Dave!

<Left to Right> Dave (Sr. Consultant & BD at Shen Milsom & Wilke, LLC | SMPS Membership Director) Ro, Jordin (Director of Marketing at Matthei & Collin Associates, LLC) and Wayne (Director of Business Development at Global Builders, Inc.)  You want in on this kind of fun?  Call Dave!

WHAT'S NEXT? | Talent Hitch will be at the BISNOW Chicago Creative Office event next week Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7am.  Only 1 ticket left before it's sold out folks!  Speakers from BOX Studios, Gensler and Kelso-Burnett Co. will be there along with Owner/ Developers from R2 Companies and Skender!

IS LOVE REALLY IN THE AIR? | That's right folks.  Our February newsletter will be centered around "partnership" as a nod to Valentine's day. Daw!  Don't roll your eyes!  You'll see.  Stay tuned!

December 2017

Hope everyone kicked off their holidays the right way last week!

2018 is right around the corner! 

What are you doing to prepare yourself for success in the new year?

Here are some ideas for both professional and personal growth:

START A MEDITATION PRACTICE: This isn't just OH-ming folks.  This about taking 5 to 20 minutes out of your day to rest your mind, to FORCE yourself to think about one thing and one thing only.  Preferably, that one thing in your mind is something that makes you warm and fuzzy through and through or calms your body.  LEARN SOMETHING NEW EACH DAY: Believe it or not, social media is a great way to learn new things on the daily basis - you just have to follow the right stuff.  Yes, cat videos and crotch bloopers are funny but maybe, on your LinkedIn feed you follow companies and groups that do things that you want to do or wonder about.  Follow Telsa to hear about their Gigafactory in Nevada, brew your own beer, raise some chickens, start your own side hustle or bring it back to AEC and keep it local in Chi-town with The Obama Presidential Center.  If you want to know more about the The Obama Presidential Center, click HERE to read what our very own Jonathan Baldwin dug up and put together for ya! Sensational! CHANGE HOW YOU FUEL YOUR BODY:  It's actually NOT about eating less.  It's about eating the right ratio of proteins, fats and carbs at each meal slash snack to fuel your body.  If you are properly fueled, you run more efficiently and if you run more efficiently - you get more stuff done.  Yeah! Do more stuff in 2018!  READ MORE BOOKS: And we're not talking spec books people, yuck.  We are talking stuff that makes your brain go "hmmmmmm".  In today's  age of smartphones, you don't even have to leave your house to pick up a good book with eBooks.  Some of those books will even tuck you in at night and read to you!  WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN: I like to say that this can also be what we call The Bucket List.  Make a list of the stuff you want to do in your life - those ideas become just a little more real when you put the down on paper and it holds you accountable!


Ogilvie Train Station | Chicago, IL

Ogilvie Train Station | Chicago, IL

SOCIAL RESPONSIBLY PROGRAM | Don't fret!  It continues!  There’s one thing for certain here at Talent Hitch, the giving does not end at Thanksgiving. Our company has made a commitment to giving back to our community on a monthly basis. The plan is simple, we choose a different charity every month and organize volunteer days throughout the month in which our team joins together to help a common cause. Last month we chose the Greater Chicago Food Depository. We participated in two volunteer days and organized one very successful food drive. In total last month we were able to help contribute roughly 15,462 meals to the hungry! In addition we helped to raise $1,342.97 of funds for the GCFD! Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of our accomplishments this past month. Feeling in the giving spirit after reading this? You’re in luck, our company’s virtual food drive is continuing throughout the entire month of December! So far, we have raised $429 through our individual drive, now lets make that number grow! Give it here!


The SQUAD from Left to Right | Sam; Jay; Robert; Gurbeer; Abbey; Michael; Ryan; Rob; Ro; Kyle; Tyler; Ronnie; Daniel

The SQUAD from Left to Right | Sam; Jay; Robert; Gurbeer; Abbey; Michael; Ryan; Rob; Ro; Kyle; Tyler; Ronnie; Daniel

11.19.17 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US | Looking back on the last two years, it’s incredible to think about how much our company has grown. What started as one man’s dream to work for himself as an AEC recruiter has quickly blossomed into an expert team of recruiters working for the fastest growing staffing firm in the AEC marketplace. This year alone we added 7 new recruiters to our team and several new positions within the company including a director of business development, a creative director, a market analyst and a four legged chief morale officer. So what’s next for Talent Hitch? Let’s just say we have big plans for the next two years! Oh yeah....and we are officially tweeting folks, follow us on Twitter (@AECTalentFinder)

Talent Hitch’s newest member and Creative Director, Tara Breinig is lending her lens and extensive AEC photography archive to add an artistic touch to our Instagram and creative campaigns. Keep an eye out for more of Tara’s photography in the upcoming months!


SMALL BUSINESS WEEK | We have continued to make new friends both in the AEC industry and beyond.  Here are a few for web design, COFFEE (mmmmmmcofffeeeeeeee), personal/ corporate wellness and art of course.  Please help them out by liking and following them on social media!

Pareidolia for Hospitality

Pareidolia for Hospitality

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NETWORKING | Some of our other new friends who you may have heard of are SMPS and AGC!

Last event with SMPS was at our very own Thornton Thomasetti in Chicago to talk about Management from the Middle, presented with a ton of insight and hashtags by Jenifer Johnson. The next one, which sold out, is this coming Tuesday, 12/5/17 at WSP and will be covering "Relationships Matter: Build Enduring Client".

Oh and by the way...are YOU signed up for the convention in New Orleans for February 2018? No?  You should!

Then.....then.....then we will be at the BuiltWorlds Workforce Conference at UI Labs leading one of the panels next week.  Yup!  Contact Ro, ( to be one of our guest of honors!

The built world has a major workforce dilemma. The demand for skilled men and women in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries continues to rise, while the number of people available to fill these positions is sharply declining.

The built world has a major workforce dilemma. The demand for skilled men and women in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries continues to rise, while the number of people available to fill these positions is sharply declining.


CLOSING AGRUMENT | ha.  There is none!  Props to all the small businesses out there - get it and get it good! Have a safe holiday folks!  Hug yer family and we will see you next year with our first entry into the INDUSTRY BLOG for 2018!

November 2017

Another week in the books! HAPPY FRIDAY!

We are in the process of closing out this year with some seriously awesome stuff people!

The first announcement we have is that we, the Talent Hitch Squad, have increased the family by 2 in the last week since announcing our INDUSTRY BLOG. 

Abbey Taylor has joined as Career Consultant and Tara Breinig as our Creative Director & Brand Ambassador!  Welcome ladies!


ON NOVEMBER 1ST | Talent Hitch began its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, TalentHitchCares with the aim at giving back to the community and making a better world for all of us - one good deed at a time.

Every month our team will be choosing a humanitarian organization to volunteer for.  For November we chose the Greater Chicago Food Depository as our organization. This past Wednesday we participated in helping to pack food for the hungry and boy, did we make a difference!

The TalentHitchCares team was able to aid in packing 8,000 lbs of food as a whole. Our team total came out to providing 850 meals, that's 170 meals a person!

Not only that, we also started a company virtual food drive through the GCFD (where a $1 donation = 3 meals for the hungry) that runs from November through the end of this year. We couldn't be happier to report that we have already raise $344 which translates to 1,500 meals and 1,238 lbs of just a week!

And then, because November is the month of giving thanks, we are participating in a third GCFD volunteer day, this coming Tuesday (11/7/17), handing out brown paper bags to commuters at Ogilvie Transportation Center to be filled with all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner for needy families.

Here at Talent Hitch we think best way to give thanks is to give back. 


MAKING FRIENDS | Talent Hitch Inc. toured the Cleats Manufacturing fabrication shop this week too.  Want to know how it's done?  Watch their video here! 

"I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Passannante, VP of Operations at Cleat's, at a WCW Alzhemer's charity event held at Joe's Live in Rosemont, IL.  I came to the event to represent Talent Hitch's $500 Bronze Sponsorship for the cause as well as catch up with old friends from FE Moran, Hill Mechanical and CPS.  During my tour at Cleats' this week, I not only got to see what four generations worth of expertise looks like and meet Steve Passannante Sr. himself, but I also got to brush up on my spiral duct knowledge, friction factors and their latest products in design.  Believe it or not - for a sheet metal shop - it literally left me with a warm fuzzy feeling and it wasn't from the insulation! Ha. Cleats Manufacturing takes pride in their work, their services and their relationships - 50 years worth of hard work centrally located to where all the action happens - our home, our city, Chicago."  - Ro, Director of Business Development


TECH STUFF | 3D Modeling Tools

Supposed to be a "mouse"...mmm hmmmm riiiight.
  • Microstation: CAD software product for two and three dimensional design and drafting
  • NavisWorks: Building Information Modeling (BIM) software used by engineers and contractors for coordination between trades.
  • SmartPlant: 3D modeling software
  • Inventor: another CAD software for 3D mechanical design, simulation, visualization, and documentation.


NOW WHAT | Well, well, well ... our 2 year anniversary is actually coming up on the 19th of November.  That's right around the corner! AND holiday fun and cheer planning is in the works too!  

Talent Hitch & IDEA: Partners in Disaster Relief 2017


Ahoy hoy all! You may have seen our posts on social media about the incredible efforts of our one and only Daniel Rodgers but in case you didn't....follow this link!  We have our own YouTube channel too folks!


This is actually our very first post so stay tuned into our INDUSTRY BLOG as we will be kicking it into high gear with articles, trends, resources, you name it! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!